C&G 12W Portable Solar Battery Kit for iPad & Tablets

C&G 12W Portable Solar Battery Kit for iPad & Tablets

A foldable solar panel, C&G 12W Portable Solar Battery Kit for iPad & Tablets, as in the name goes best for charging your ipad or tablets. Simply place it anywhere where there is a demanding light and you are ready to get an extra 8 hours of charge for your mobile phone. Read to know the complete features.

In recent times the price of solar energy system has really gone down, you can say almost half the price of what it was before a couple of years. So excuses or justifications are not really paying off and people are ultimately indulging in solar energy systems to buy equipments that will cut down their energy bills to a great extent while promising them boundless energy all the time.

Here are some of the features of C&G 12W Portable Solar Battery Kit for iPad & Tablets:

  • One look and you will realize that the product is absolutely lightweight (1.32 lbs) and portable to carry. In fact, you can carry it in your handbag or fit in any dashboard of car. The best part is the product is made out of water resistant fabric with PU coating to make it durable in the years to come.
  • The solar panel is manufactured by SunTech who is one of world’s leading panel manufacturer. The panel is made out of poly-crystalline (p-Si) PV panel. The best benefit of p-Si panel is less amount of silicon is wasted when compared to monocrystalline. Though they are a bit on the downside on the performance side when compared to monocrystalline panels (which tends to be pricey), the effect is very minor and does not affect you on a large scale.
  • The 12W solar panel comes with 20W lithium rechargeable battery that comes with MPPT controller (Maximum Power Point Tracking). The main motive of MPPT is to push out more power during hard seasons such as winter, rain etc. when the solar energy tends to go down. With MPPT controller in your battery kit, the power is very much stable and you won’t feel the difference between varying seasons.
  • You never know when your phone battery is going down and with the rise of apps, the symptoms are more happening than ever. Though it is best recommended for places where power (current) availability is limited such as park, rescue areas, camp etc., you can always use this product even at your home as you have nothing to lose but only gain. This gives you complete freedom to use it both indoors and outdoors.
  • Simply place it under the power of sun for 3-4 hours and the battery is completely charged.
  • You will also find 20W lithium battery which will buy you extra hours of 8 hours for iPad phones. An additional USB charging port is also assembled with the C&G 12W Portable Solar Battery Kit for iPad & Tablets.
  • A power bank is one of the feathers in the cap of C&G 12W Portable Solar Battery Kit for iPad & Tablets. The power bank acts as an reserve/extra battery/external charger for your tab or mobile phone. The power bank works when your tab power is going down during emergency situations. With the help of built in MPPT controller, the power bank raises the efficiency of solar charging to 90%.
  • LED battery indictor is another fine feature that comes with C&G 12W Portable Solar Battery Kit for iPad & Tablets. This is to notify you as and when the voltage increases. The lights tower up progressively when the voltage keeps increasing.


The reviews of this battery kit are satisfying as the users seem to have definitely benefited from investing their economy in this product. If all this is not enough, C&G 12W Portable Solar Battery Kit for iPad & Tablets comes with one year warranty in case you need any replacement of issues.

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