Go Sun Stove & Go Sun Grill Reviews

Go Sun Stove & Go Sun Grill Reviews

Gosun Sport

A slim structured product, Go sun solar cooker Sport converts 80% of the sunlight to heat with the help of parabolic reflectors.

Go sun stove is an intuitively designed gas stove that helps you to cook whenever you are on the go. You might be hiking, trekking or throwing a barbecue right in your own backyard. When in urgency, you need not rely on fuel to cook and can take the support of Sun power that offers you the challenge of cooking outside. This article is dedicated to Go Sun products such as stove, grill, cooker, respective reviews and many more.

  • What is Go Sun?
  • Products of Go Sun and customer reviews
  • Advantages and Disadvantages while buying Go Sun products
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Portable Solar Cooker

What is Go Sun?

Driven from an inspiration was Go sun found. The initiator of Go Sun, Patrick Sherwin (also a solar energy expert) realised that he could use vacuum tubes to heat his lunch. Using the idea, he went on to inspire many renewable energy solutions in USA.

Over the years, Go sun has proven the fact that they can really create a change (be it small) in fighting global warming thus preventing use of fossil fuels. By the end of 2013, Go Sun has helped plant more than 10,000 trees all over USA.

Solar power is abundant rather endless. Go sun believes in using this power for reducing the carbon footprint thus saving Mother Earth from the effects of global warming.

Products Of Go Sun & Customer Reviews

Gosun solar products are intellectually designed product that not only looks classy, stays durable but also delivers you a satiating meal no matter where you are. A skeptical person (including me) will always think as what if things go wrong when sun hides between those dark clouds? Long gone are those times when solar panels and products left you to deal with your own challenges. GoSun has two models – Go Sun stove and Go Sun Global that has different products, features etc. Let’s take a look at few of the prominent models.

Go Sun Solar Cooker – Sport Model

Cook within 20 minutes!!! That’s what GoSun says in its website page. Gosun gives you state-of-the-art products that are simple to use. The Go sun solar cooker is one of the them. They heat upto 550 degree Fahrenheit temperature even in places where there is little availability of sun.

How it works

A slim structured product, Go sun solar cooker Sport converts 80% of the sunlight to heat with the help of parabolic reflectors. These reflectors are made out of anodized aluminium that are perfectly angled and cut to take the pain of frequent adjusting. They also protect the tube and your food by retaining the heat inside while leaving out the cold. If you have the right amount of sun, you can actually cook within 20 minutes. While it works in cloudy/winter climates as well, the amount of cooking time tends to be a little longer than 20 minutes.

A versatile vacuum tube that is the oven it retains the heat inside to cook/steam/fry your food. Another feature of the vaccum tube is the insulation cover that keeps the outside surface cool to touch. The results of go sun sport grill are unmistakable which you can feel in your senses. The vaccum tube oven is made out of borosilicate that not looks good but is extremely resistant to thermal shock unlike common glasses. Go sun stove cooker also includes cooking tray, stainless steel handles for portability and a cleaning tool.


  • Fast and effective cooking within 20 minutes
  • Cook at all seasons even when you have only minimal amount of sunlight
  • Easy to assemble and cook
  • Folds easily and comes with a carry case for portable use
  • Fuel free cooking with no flames and mess at an affordable rate
  • 2 year warranty

Go Sun Solar Cooker Reviews

Just like any other product in the market, Go Sun Solar Cooker Sport Reviews has also good and bad opinions. One group say that Gosun solar cooker is absolutely fantastic that comes features that can only be dreamt of. Be it vegetarians or non-vegetarians, the system works easily without any trouble. While many might think the product is only for hikers or campers, you will find many users such as college students who find it difficult to keep up with the expense of fuel. For go green lovers who would love to save some trees of Mother Earth this is as good as it gets.

While majority of the opinion lean on the positive side, there are few users who feel the product did not have satisfaction with Go sun solar cooker. One user says that though he lives in a place where there is ample sun, the cooking time is much more than 20 minutes as claimed by the company. Another thing to note is that you cannot feed more than 2 people at a time keeping in tone with the size of the vacuum tube. Another downside is you cannot use any liquid which means no soups or preparing a dish that first needs oil.

Bottomline, do note majority of users note that they have found the product useful. If you are in a dilemma, you always have the 30 day money back guarantee to check how the product works. If you do not get satisfactory results, simply return the unit within 30 days from the date of purchase and get your money back.

Go Sun Solar Grill

Often the original rich natural flavor is lost when you are cooking under fuel. Not to mention the fact that they leave dark black carbon cruds that are really hard to clean. Buy go sun solar grill for sale if you love grilled roast, sandwiches that works just like normal grill but takes the hardwork away. Delivering an aesthetic appeal, the grill is sleek and shiny that comes with many underlying reason called parabolic mirrors that look crystal clear and practically glee in front of the eyes.

How It Works

The go sun solar grill is a great kickstarter project that you can use to cook at night!!! Yes, the patent pending feature is the thermal battery stores the heat of sun and retains the power so that you can use them at night times. So if you are planning an evening dinner date, it doesn’t get better than this. The gosun solar grill can cook food for 5-8 people at one go.

You will find two stainless steel cook pans, a steam tray and a drip tray. The temperature gauge lets you decide the temp you need to set for each and every recipe in question not to mention preventing danger or burning or drying the food. Go sun solar grill will give you upto 250 watts of power while operating under full sunlight. While the original version was bit hefty, this go sun grill is light in weight and comes with a portable bag making it an essential for any family beach party or a small get together.


  • No need to monitor the food giving the risk of burning your food
  • Fuel-free cooking that will keep the grill clean from messy carbon cruds making cleaning an easy job
  • Retains the moisture and taste of the food
  • Take it where ever you go
  • Cook even at night with the Go sun grill version
  • 2 year warranty with 30 day trial period

Go Sun Grill Reviews

The go sun grill price does not seem over the top when compared with the features they offer. To be honest there are not much go sun grill reviews pertaining to just this unit. Though handful, users say that go sun grill is the best they have seen in recent times. One user claim that he tried the egg strata that came out all fluffy and flavory which was cooked within 45 minutes to feed 7 people. It takes about 20-30 minutes to preheat with approximate cooking time of 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the volume of food. Once done, it automatically glides out of the chamber.

To sum it up, go sun solar grill is not just for campers or bikers. If you are living a busy schedule or run out of fuel, this is one of the best way to cook your food while you are busy planning your day ahead.

Go Sun Solar Stove Sport Pro Pack

The Gosun solar sport stove pro pack for sale is specially designed for those who are willing to risk taking their kitchen wherever they are going. It contains everything you need to make travelling secure and flavoring.

How it works

When you are purchasing go sun stove for sale you will find two vacuum tube ovens that comes with closed parabolic reflectors that securely protect the tube efficiently. A patent pending feature, go sun solar stove sport pro pack cook trays are etched out in tubular designs that has the ability to convert more than 80% of the sunlight that shows results in the food you cook. There are many users who can literally feel the difference in taste between normal cooking and when you cook under the sun (rather by the sun).

Use both the trays simultaneously for main course and desserts at your discretion. With two cooking oven ready at your service you can cook up limitless even with slight hint of sun. Speaking the obvious go sun solar stove sport pro pack is a solar product so it is vital that you have good exposure to sun. The product fully triggers power upto 230 watts under excellent sunlight. Though the product works without sun as well, the duration of cooking time may tend to extend. You will find Go sun stove recipes, carry case, padded interior pocket to protect from scratches and unpredictable impacts, extra cooking trays and so on.


  • easy to clean with the cleaning scrubble
  • instruction manual on how to kickstart your cooking project
  • carrying case with strap to hook on your shoulder
  • microfiber towel for easy handling your recipes
  • Shipping worldwide (Free shipping only in USA)

Go Sun Stove Reviews

The price of go sun solar stove sport pro pack is quite economical. Many users love the fact that they have a 30 day period to try out how the product works. This assures them that their money is not going down the drain making it a worthy investment. Users who have bought go sun stove have given 5 out of 5 star ratings for the product. One user in his gosun solar cooker review said he was having second thoughts if it really will work for him. He admitted that his lunch never felt better and was the best he had ever tasted.

One user says – “I had cooked a bunch of chicken legs in the Go sun and completely forgot about it. Once I remembered I ran to check it. I thought it would be burnt into charcoal but to my surprise when I opened a beautiful waft of chicken smell came out. Had it been regular oven it would have blown itself out. But this was entirely a different experience. I do not recommend forgetting food like that but as the company said it keeps on cooking even when sun sets they actually mean it. Oh, another thing I don’t know any oven that wouldn’t dry the chicken even after 5 hours of cooking”. – Jimi

Go Sun Solar Oven Station – Commercial Scale Solar Oven

Go sun solar oven station presents you the ultimate commercial scale solar oven that is built by the Gosun team. For those who are having a large family or have a friends reunion coming up, this is best recommended. Choose between the different colors available for your commercial scale solar oven station – red, yellow, blue, purple, white and more.

How It Works

You will find four vacuum tubes (oven) to fry, steam, bake or cook your mouthwatering foods. Be creative with the recipe book that is available along with the station. You will also find a leveling stand that comes with multiple legs to adjust the positions of your Go sun solar oven station. One swift motion and you can change the position of the unit from east to west with easy lock feature to secure the position once you get the right angle of sunlight.

The Go sun solar oven station is made out of solid metal that is weather resistant and can stand the test of time. Since you are new to the product, you will also find an user manual along with recipes to help you get started with the solar station.

Go sun also offers you upgrades such as baking trays, cooking tray covers, reflectors etc. If you feel that the product is too pricey, then call up the Gosun team and get it rented at an affordable rate.


  • easy to rotate levelling stand with secure lock
  • four Touch safe vacuum tube ovens
  • fully stainless steel cooking trays that comes with respective seals, handles and lids
  • weather resistant product that are made out of all metal
  • instruction manual, recipe book with cleaning supplies
  • two year warranty with 30 day money back guarantee

Go Sun Solar Oven Reviews

Meant for commercial use, Go sun solar oven station reviews is loved by many NGO’s who feel using a solar product like this will be a bookmark in countries where the effect of carbon footprint is high or places where there is less availability of fuel. There are only couple of reviews available online making it difficult to determine exactly how will it work for you.

Advantages & Disadvantages You Should Know Before Buying Go Sun Products

Just like any other product, go sun products come with both positive and negative sides.

Advantages Of Gosun Solar Products

There are many reasons why you can indulge in go sun solar products. Here are some of them.

  • Less carbon foot print – reduced carbon footprint means lesser risk of global warming. A gogreen initiative go sun products requires no use of fuel and gets charged directly from the sun.
  • No flames, no risk – As this is a completely fuel free product, there is no risk of burning down your house. The reflectors work as heat absorbers that retain the heat at all times so that your food and its nutrition stay potent at all times.
  • Portable and promising – easy to carry product, you can carry them anywhere due to its light weight feature. Go sun stove also come with excellent warranty period and a 30 day money back guarantee that makes it worth a shot.
  • Patent pending features – Go sun stove grill oven comes with patent pending features that are hard to replicate. This means this is the first of its kind. There are many solar products but certain features designed by Go sun are simply hard to enact.
  • High nutrition – Unlike normal ritual of cooking where half of the nutrition is lost, the concealed cooking process used by Go sun assures you that the essence of your food is maintained at all times. There are mny users who noticed that the flavor is much more enticing and simulating in go sun stove than normal fuel cooking.
  • Discount codes – Many websites offer go sun stove discount coupon codes or promo codes that will help you get a good percent off while purchasing the product.

Disadvantages Of Gosun Solar Products

While the advantages of go sun is many, here are couple of disadvantages that can raise some eyebrows.

  • Made in China – While Gosun claims that it is American, the products are made in China. There are many products sold in USA that have been manufactured in China and are working fine. This is not a disadvantage per se, but if you do not prefer China products, this might not be for you.
  • Contact info – Gosun is an online product that was invented in Cincinnati, OH and seems genuine enough, as said by many users. But why no brick and mortar office info? Not even a phone number for customer support. The only way to contact the company in case of any issues is via mail support.
  • Longer cooking time – the product works top notch when the sun is at its peak. While Go sun claims you do not need much light during cloudy or cold environments, the cooking period will definitely be longer than 20 minutes for obvious reasons.

To sum it up, if you a frequent hiker or traveller or if you feel it is time to give it back to Mother Earth by reducing the carbon footprint, then Go Sun products is the best way to kickstart your project. As mentioned above, weigh the pros and cons of go sun stove and grills before rounding in on the product.

Frequently Asked Questions About Go Sun Products

Are there any go sun stove videos?

Yes, there are lot of videos about Go sun stove on youtube and other websites.

Is there a page on wikipedia dedicated to go sun stove?

As a matter of fact, Go sun stove have landed a page on wikipedia as a solar cooker. Read the complete page here at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_cooker

What is the go sun stove phone number?

The phone number of go sun stove has not been mentioned in the website. You can however fill up a form where the customer support will contact you via email – http://www.gosunstove.com/pages/contact

Is go sun stove available in Canada?

Since go sun stove ships internationally you can order the product to be delivered right at your doorstep no matter where you are including Canada, UK, Australia, Singapore etc.

Can I order go sun grill stock via Amazon or eBay?

Yes, you can order go sun grill via Amazon, eBay or simply click the link below to order directly from the official website.

Where is the office of go sun stove?

The office of go sun stove is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Where can I order go sun stove mini version?

There are no mini versions of go sun stove but Go sun presents solar dogger that is available less than $60 for you. It is a great way of getting a broader perspective of how the product will work for you.

How are the gosun solar cooker reviews from consumers?

Gosun solar cooker reviews have been positive with many people loving this breakthrough product in the world of cooking using solar energy.


Overall, Go sun stove is one of the best alternative when it comes to using fuel. Though the company claims that go sun stoves and grills are not limited by trekkers and can be used by all, it is not feasible to use this product everyday. While Gosun says that only minimal sunlight is needed, the cooking time can be a hindrance for people living busy lives since they have limited time while tackling personal and professional lives. The price seems affordable and the money back guarantee stands strong as a backup in case you are not happy with the results making gosun products worth enough for a try.

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