Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 LED Lantern with Solar Panel

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 LED Lantern with Solar Panel

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Kit

The Goal Zero lighthouse 250 provides 250 lumens of light when the power supply is not available.

A lantern is a must-have item in your camping gear. This Goal Zero lighthouse 250 lumens LED lantern is one such competent light source that allows 48 hours continuous light supply. In fact, the Goal Zero Lighthouse lantern could also be used as a power source for low watt USB charging or work devices that require not more than 12 volts.

It doesn’t matter if you are in the middle of a power outage or out at camping station, this lighthouse LED lantern is there for you to give the light that you need when the power supply is not reachable.

Features of Goal Zero lighthouse 250 LED lantern

  • The Goal Zero lighthouse 250 provides 250 lumens of light when the power supply is not available.
  • The lantern can go on working for as long as 48 hours.
  • The lighthouse lantern comes with the dimmable facility to reduce the light. This will extend the total life of the battery.
  • The lighthouse LED lantern could be recharged with the help of a solar panel that allows you taking this to the camping site. Place it out in the sun during daytime to have the full powered light in the dark.
  • The lantern is provided with a USB port that enables you to connect other devices, as an emergency power port.
  • The lantern comes with a stand of its own that elevates itself to allow maximum reach. The stand can be folded back when not in use.
  • There is also a metallic handle at the top of the lid which you can use to carry the lantern.
  • The charging USB cable can be wound around the lantern when not in use.
  • The power button is, triangle in shape and red in color. Small LED lights show the battery level of the lantern.
  • The light intensity can be adjusted. Turn the control knob towards the left to have one side of the lantern illuminating and towards the right, the lantern will work on full power. The light adjustment is dimmable to both the sides.
  • The total weight of the lantern is 4.5 lbs. the measurements show that the lantern is 4.5 x 5 x 6.6 inches in size.
  • The compatible solar panel here is the Nomad 7 portable solar panels. This is 7-watt panel that has USB cable and port to connect to the lantern or anything that needs charging. It can even be used for recharging your smart devices. It weighs only 1 pounds and so weightless.

How to recharge the Goal Zero lighthouse 250 LED lantern

This LED lantern can be recharged in 3 ways.

  • First, you can use the USB cable and connect it to any USB power port to recharge.
  • The second method is to use the solar panels that recharge the lantern within 14 hours.
  • The third method is tedious and temporary. You need to hand crank the lantern to get some amount of charge in it. For every 1 minute of cranking, you get light for 10 minutes. The hand crank could be turned to either side and it really doesn’t matter.

The LED lights show the battery level. If you are not using the light too much, then you need to recharge the lantern every 3 months. If it is in too frequent use, check the battery level and recharge it accordingly.

The running time of Goal Zero LED lantern

The lantern can work 360 degrees to cover the entire tent or work on the 180 degrees to light up a single direction. The working length of the lantern highly depends on, on which direction it is used in and the intensity of the light.

One side only: It works for 48 hours on one side when setting on low intensity. The light life is only 12 hours when used at the medium level and only 5 hours when used at high intensity.

When using the both sides, it runs for 24 hours on low, 6 hours on medium light and only 2.5 hours in the maximum- turbo mode.

The battery used

Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 LED lantern uses Li-NMC battery with a capacity of 16.3 Wh. The life of the battery is long lasting. It could be recharged and reused hundreds of times.

Where to buy from

Goal Zero lighthouse 250 LED lantern is available online. You can either have the lantern only option or get the pack of LED lantern with the solar panels. It is popularly available from online stores like Amazon and other popular stores. The price difference from one store to another is significant. So you need to look for the best deal.

Goal Zero lighthouse 250 LED lantern reviews

The reviews from the customer reveal that most of them use the light mainly in the low or medium levels so they do get a lengthier period between the recharging. The compact size is another advantage of this LED lantern voted by the users.


The Goal Zero lighthouse 250 LED lantern is a versatile light for its uses. It can be used anywhere in need. Its ability to recharge by 3 methods makes it even more attractive. You even get the emergency hand cranks to recharge the lantern. The working has been great for the majority users and there are hardly any serious problems with this. The only concern would be the price which some users felt, a bit overboard. But that’s ok when you really get to use it.


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