Pool Zone Solar Covers & Winter Swimming Pool Covers

Pool Zone Solar Covers & Winter Swimming Pool Covers

12′ x 18′ Oval SunMagnet™ DuoTherm Solar Pool Covers

This is the traditional pool blue color. The material available is in 12, 16 & 18 gauge solar covers.

Swimming pools are great fun but it takes much more for it to maintain it. It needs special kind of care in each season. Pool covers are one of the must-haves for the pool owners. It is a safety measure as well as a protection for the pools. There are types of poll covers and each serve a different purpose.

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Table of Contents

  • Pool covers, what are they used for?
  • Types of pool cover by Pool Zone
  • How to choose a pool cover?
  • Solar Pool Covers by Pool Zone
  • Colors available are,
  • Shapes and sizes available
  • Winter Pool Covers by Pool Zone
  • Shapes, sizes and types of winter pool covers
  • The materials available
  • Swimming Pool Safety Covers by Pool Zone
  • Custom made pool covers
  • The Bottom Line

Pool Covers, What Are They Used For?

Pool covers are used to protect the pool water from debris and leaves. In a windy area where there are nearby tress, it is highly essential. They are used to protect the pool water, against winter, and as a safety measure for those who have children or pets. In winter it is a barrier between sun and water so that no algae formation occurs in the water when it is not in use.

These days there are pool covers that are made to heat the pool water naturally. Simply place them over the water and the water heats up. So the prospects and uses of poll covers are many. You just need to know the types and know which one to choose for the right time.

The other benefits of using pool covers are that it takes less time to clean the pool. Cover the pool when not in use and remove it when you want to use it, it will be clean.

It reduces the chemical consumption of the pool as it requires less to maintain the pool.

Water loss is reduced tremendously. The pool water evaporates under the sun and it again need to be compensated each time or at least once a day. With the heat and wind the evaporation could higher. With a pool cover over the water, the evaporation is reduced and thus water consumption.

Types Of Pool Cover By Pool Zone

Pool covers are of three types

  • Safety pool cover: Safety pool covers are available on for the rectangular pools from Pool Zone. They can be with steps attached or without the steps. There is also option to have customized safety pool cover for the different shaped pools.
  • Solar pool covers: Solar pool covers are like water heaters that can heat the pool water with solar energy. They are available in round, oval and rectangular shapes.
  • Winter pool covers: Winter pool covers are sturdy to protect the pool water from winter hazards and make the spring pool opening easier without much mess. The water stays clean with no debris. Such pool covers are available in round, oval and rectangular shapes.

There is also an additional pool cover mesh to keep all kinds of leaves away from the pool water surface and make cleaning easy.

How To Choose A Pool Cover?

Choosing a pool cover is not that difficult. Choose the covers according to the season. In that case you would want a summer cover up and a winter cover for sure. During summer the wind, leaves, and debris can be a problem so it is ideal to have a mesh cover over the water so that cleaning will not a tedious process.

A pool cover in summer will reduce the evaporation rate and you don’t need to fill the pool every time to feel like swimming. Such pool covers are different in make. They might be floating and is removed for pool use and replaced after it.

During winter choose a sturdy material that can fit snug and will not come off easily. Winter can be windy and can also bring in some ice as well. The pool cover should be able t stand both these and yet stay it its place.

The other type is safety pool covers that should be chosen by people who have small children or pets. Such pool covers are made to hold a reasonable amount of weight over them to protect the kids or pets should they happen to climb on the pool cover.

Solar Pool Covers By Pool Zone

Solar pool covers by Pool Zone is the cheapest way to heat the pool water for an extended pool use. Even if the winter is closer and you still have some sunlight, why not make use of it! Get these solar pool covers and spread it over the water to heat it. There are different materials and colors to have ideal pool water heating.

Colors available are

  • Sun-magnet blue: the traditional pool blue color. The material available is in 12 and 16 gauge solar covers.
  • Sun-magnet clear: a more transparent cover that almost gives a naked look to the pool water. The material has option to choose from 12 gauge or 16 gauge.
  • Sun-magnet black: Black is ideal for moderately heated water. It allows less heat to pass through so you have only warm water to swim. This type of solar pool cover is only available in 12 gauge material.
  • Sun-magnet GoldTech: This pool covers offers the maximum heat and is also able to retain the heat. The special reflective technology will keep the heat retained in the pool preventing its escape. This cover has a blue upper surface to the sun and a golden color layer at the bottom facing the water. The gauge levels available are 12 and 16.

For all of these pool covers, the 12 gauge material holds a 3 year warranty and the 16 gauge material has got 5 years warranty. All these covers are capable of preventing algal growth and the best of the lot would be the GoldTech for that purpose, followed by the black material. The blue pool cover is the basic and the GoldTech fares well for all major requirements like heat production, heat retention, algae prevention, and better cover life.

Simply purchasing a pool cover will not do. It also needs to have some extra with a drain system, wind weights, and a cover life extender to protect the pool cover material against the harsh chemicals from the pool and UV rays of the sun.

Solar pool covers with drain system: The solar pool cover has an option to have some drainage holes over it. This helps to drain water that might have happen to come over the covers being a light weight thin material, even the slightest amount of water over the cover can make it heavy and make it difficult to remove from the water surface. These drains are nothing but a series of holes here and there, a maximum of 5 in the whole.

When you reel back the pool cover, the water over the cover surface will drain through these holes. This makes it easy to handle the covers and reduce stress on the covers as well. This sure can extend the life of the pool covers. It is not expensive to add these drain holes into the pool covers. Just select the drain holes option on purchase.

Solar pool covers with wind weights: Solar pool covers are light weighted and could be blown away under strong wind. Pools in windy areas better have these wind weights added to the pool covers. These wind weights are put on the covers to make it stay on the pool. Blowing off the cover will make the water lose its heat. With wind weights you can ensure that the water stays warm until you are ready to use it.

Cover life extender: Cover life extender is a liquid that can remove the harsh chemicals from the solar pool cover surface. The cover that is in contact with these chemicals in the water can get damaged too easily. Having this will sure extend the life of pool covers before it is damaged by it. It can protect the covers from the UV rays also. All the chemical weathering, bubble breakage and cover deterioration could be prevented by using this Cover life extender.

Shapes And Sizes Available

  • Round: The round shaped solar pool cover is available in 11 diameters. It is available for 8, 12, 15, 16, 18, 21, 24, 27, 28, 30, and 33 ft diameter pools. All the 4 options of solar materials are available for all these sizes.
  • Oval shaped pools have the option to have 14 sizes of solar pool cover. The sizes available are 10’ x 15’, 12’ x 18’, 12’ x 24’, 15’ x 24’, 15’ x 27’, 15’ x 30’, 15’ x 33’, 16’ x 32’, 18’ x 33’, 18’ x 36’, 18’ x 40’, 20’ x 40’, 20’ x 44’ and 21’ x 41’.
  • Rectangle: The rectangular pool covers are available in sizes of 10 x 16, 12 x 20/24, 14 x 28, 15 x 30, 16 x 24/28/32/34/36/40, 18 x 43/36/40, 20 x 36/40,45, 25 x 50, 30 x 50 and 30 x 60 ft.

Winter Pool Covers By Pool Zone

Winter pool covers are used to cover the swimming pool in winter. Winter is a time when the pool is less used so it is better to cover it. It prevents the water getting spoiled and prevents algal formation.

Draining the water in the pool in water is not a good idea and the water should be retained inside. This helps in preventing plumbing damage by the ground water pressure. The pressure could cause the in-ground pools to burst or cause damage to the structure. So it is important to retain the water in the pool. This retained water should be clean for the coming months. That can be attained with some care and having a winter pool cover.

The winter pool cover will protect the water from any debris, dust, or leaves from falling in it. It also prevents the sunlight from penetrating too much and favors the algae. It prevents pretty much any foreign body from entering the water that is going to be stand still without any circulation for a few months.

Shapes, Sizes And Types Of Winter Pool Covers

At Pool Zone, the winter pool covers are available for swimming pools of round, oval or rectangular shape.

  • Round: The round winter water pools are elevated covers and not the in-ground ones. It is better and safer than the in-ground types. It makes the covers to stay snug and is better manageable. The sizes available for this round shaped winter pool covers are 12, 15, 16, 18, 21, 24, 27, 28, 30, and 33 ft in diameter.
  • Oval shaped winter pool covers are available in 12 sizes; they are 12 x 18, 12 x 24, 12 x 27, 15 x 25, 15 x 30, 16 x 24, 16 x 32, 16 x 40, 18 x 33, 18 x 38, 18 x 40 and 21 x 41 ft.
  • Rectangle: Rectangular shaped winter pool covers are available in 16 different sizes. The sizes are 12 x 20, 12 x 24, 12 x 28, 14 x 28, 16 x 24, 16 x 32, 16 x 36, 18 x 36, 18 x 40, 20 x 40, 20 x 45, 24 x 40, 25 x 45, 25 x 50, 30 x 50 and 30 x 60 ft in width and length.

The Materials Available

Economical: The choices are all above the ground types. The material has blue outer and black inner color. All the covers have an extra 3 ft material to overlap and cover it completely. The material is heavy duty with UV resistant property and sonic welded seams. It doesn’t cost much as well. You can add the cover clips while purchasing. Free winch and cable to tie the cover around is also available with the package.

Stronger cover in green color is the next option. The green cover with black under side has got stronger material with longer warranty of 12 years. It also has the extra fabric for covering, winch, and cable for tying etc.

Camo winter pool cover is different from others and the most expensive. It has 15 years of warranty. It is made of military specific woven poly material. The seams are sewn stronger and binds together snug. It looks different in winter with its military color. This material may not be available for the larger sized pool covers so check it to make sure.

Swimming Pool Safety Covers By Pool Zone

Swimming pool is fun but is also a danger with small children and pets around. It would be better to have a safety pool cover over the pool when it is not in use. The safety pool covers are made of stronger and sturdier material that can hold some weight of the child or a pet. It has support all around the pool as well.

The safety pool covers are available in rectangular shape with or without centre step or with a side step. It means it covers even the steps to the pool as well, an extra measure. The available materials are

  • The low price safety cover has 2 ply mesh that is actually porous to rain or snow but traps dust and other debris. The cover is spread and anchored with brass anchors. The anchors stay closer to the floor so that it does not protrude causing accidents. There are stainless steel springs. Installation and removal are easy with no hassle. It also has a storage bag. The overlap fabric is 2 ft.
  • Deluxe micro mesh rectangular cover is also porous to rain and snow and keeps dust, debris, pets, and children over it. The break strength this has is about 4000 lbs. Brass anchors stay close to the ground and has stainless steel springs and other necessary tools and storage bag. It has 20 years warranty against any defects.
  • Commercial mesh safety pool cover has got 25 years of warranty. It has all the other features of the safety pool cover. The color available is black and has an overlap fabric of 2 ft.

Rectangular no step: The rectangular pool cover with no step is available in 16 sizes that are similar to that of the winter pool cover sizes. The materials available are available at economical price that has 12 year warranty to highly expensive material with 25 years warranty. These safety pool covers could also be used in place of winter pool covers.

Rectangular safety cover with centre step: It is available in 10 sizes like 12 x 20, 12 x 24, 14 x 28, 15 x 30, 16 x 24, 16 x 32, 16 x 36, 18 x 36, 20 x 40, and 20 x 44. It is available I all the 3 material types mentioned above.

Rectangular safety covers with side step is seen in available in the basic fabric only. It can be placed in only one direction so determine your pool position before you purchase the cover. The types available could be pure rectangle or other smoothed edges with the steps at an offset position. It is available in 18 sizes with the side steps measuring up to 4 x 8 ft. the color can be blue or green mesh. Also choose the side of the steps and step position.

Custom Made Pool Covers

In addition to the ready to use pool covers, Pool Zone also offers custom made pool covers for the specially shaped swimming pools. The material of the cover available is, green, blue, black, mesh material, green solid or blue solid. Ordering is simple.

  • Download the measuring form from the site
  • Measure the pool as per instructions
  • Send the size to get a free quote. You can decide according to the quote. The measurements could be sent through email, US mail, or fax as per convenience.

Any shape, any size can be measured and get a suitable pool cover. There is no fee to get the estimation quote. The quote will be send within one business day. The offer is valid for all types of pool covers.

There is also option to have your old cover replaced with a new one. For that check the duplication services if the existing cover is also from Pool Zone.

The Bottom Line

Having a pool cover makes the spring opening a wonderful experience. You get more time to enjoy the pool than having to spend hours cleaning the water. All the pool covers from Pool Zone stays snug without any peep holes. The option to have low prices covers makes it all the more acceptable. Try it to know it!

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